Starting near the Jordan Staircase, the Suite of state rooms in the Winter Palace leads into the St George Hall (the Large Throne Hall) and the Big Church. The halls, which have preserved their original decoration, offer a fascinating insight into nineteenth century palace interiors.

The Great Suite of rooms of the Winter Palace starts near the Jordan Staircase and leads into the St George Hall (the Large Throne Hall). The Suite starts from the Fieldmarshals’ Room. Adjacent to it is the Memorial Room of Peter the Great. Further on is the Armorial Hall, the second in size palace interior. From the Armorial Hall one may walk into the War Gallery created as a monument to the military glory of Russia, which won the war against the Napoleon army.

The doors in the central part of the War Gallery open into the St George Hall, the former venue for the imperial accession ceremonies. Just beyond the War Gallery, as one approaches the Big Church of the Winter Palace, is a small Antechurch Hall. Next to it is the Picket Hall with the adjacent Alexander Hall named so in honour of Emperor Alexander I.