The art of Ancient Greece is represented by the artefacts from the Archaic to the Late Classical periods.

The art of the Archaic and Early Classical periods is represented by the items of painted glazed ceramics from different prominent centres of Greek crafts including Athens, Corinth and the towns of Ionia. Among the exhibits are the works by such vase painters as Epictetus, Euphronios and Durios. Displayed here are the relics of antiquity found in Cyprus (the late third millennium – 5th century B.C.).

Both original Greek monuments, such as tombs with reliefs dating back to the 5th century B.C., and the Roman copies of the works by the celebrated sculptors of Ancient Greece acquaint the visitor with the art of the High and Late Classical periods. The exhibition ends with the works of the Roman origin reproducing the masterpieces of Scopas, Praxiteles, Lysippus and other sculptors of the Late Classical period (the 4th century B.C.).