Route: Rajkot to Gir Forest
Distance: 150 Kms.

Sasan Gir, the land of the wild and the free, the savage and the beautiful, where the endless dry and arid grasslands are rife with game - lions prowling, the magnificent lions with their imposing mane and a stunning variety of some of the magnificent specimens of wildlife found anywhere else on earth.

When the showers come to this land, it puts on a show no entertainer can ever recreate. The trees wear a fresh, washed look, the animals new coats and the earth takes on the distinctive smell of fresh rain. Truly wizardry at work!

Halfway to the forest reserve, herds of deer can be seen grazing in the grasslands. Sometimes they come close to the marshy areas bordering the road. Besides lions, other animals found are the rare and elusive Leopard, Jungle Cat and Rusty Spotted Cat. Among the prey species are the Cheetal, Sambhar, Four Horned Antelope, Wild Boar and Hare. Gir also is home to Peacocks and Parakeets. With more than 200 species of avia-fauna, Gir is a bird watcher’s delight. The dazzling lakes and rivulets enhance the aesthetic beauty of Gir. Visitors are especially fascinated by the sheer immensity of the Indian Buffalo.

A lot of conversation work is going on at Gir. Try to compliment your visit to Gir with a visit to the Crocodile Farm and the Kamaleshwar Dam. Here young Crocodiles are scientifically reared and will provide you with fascinating insights into the wild world of the Crocodiles.

As your coach proceeds towards the sanctuary, an overwhelming sense of peace will engulf you. At times you feel like you are in a very fortunate place, far from the din and bustle of metropolitan India. Here you gradually embrace the call of the wild.

Gir forest is a mosaic of woods, grasslands, swamps and streams with unparalleled diversity of flora and fauna. There are salt licks on the banks of the rivulets where herds of Deer come to lick the salt to quench their thirst. Here the word “Eden” took on a new meaning. There is silence everywhere and not a soul can be seen. It is hauntingly wild and beautiful.

As you drive around drinking in the sights and sounds of the forest, a realization dawns on you and you realize that Sasan Gir is much more than a tourist attraction. It is one of the few places where nature dictates the code of life.

Gir authorities and resort owners recognize this fact and you find appeals to visitors not to crowd or disturb animals. In fact, conservation authorities are redefining wildlife conservation at Gir Forest. According to, Debasish Muduli, General Manager, THE FERN GIR FOREST RESORT - “Tourism is important to the economy, but in Gir or for that matter in any of India’s Wildlife Reserves and Parks, the animals have the right of way”. And indeed they do.

The District Administration, the academics, the technocrats and the elected representatives have all taken an active interest in helping to make the Gir conservation project successful. Coordinating Committees for protection, detection, investigation and follow-up have been set up involving all the law enforcement agencies both from the state and central government. Meetings are held periodically, information exchanged and strategies worked out and implemented jointly. The project has successfully checked illegal trade of animals as well.

Traveler’s Fact File:
Airports are located at Rajkot at a distance of 150 Kms, Ahmedabad at 381 Kms and Diu, which is all of 104 Kms from Gir Forest. There are routine flights from Mumbai and New Delhi to Rajkot. The nearest Railway Station is Sasan Gir just a few kilometers away and Junagadh, which is a mere 65 Kms away. One great way to reach Sasan Gir is by traveling by rail to the historic town of Junagadh either from Ahmedabad or Rajkot and thereafter embark on a 65 Kms. road journey to Gir Forest.

One of the best options in Gir is the Fern Gir Forest Resort, awarded as The Best Jungle Resort of Gujarat at Golden Star Awards 2014 and Best 5 Star Resort of Gujarat by Tourism Awards Gujarat 2016. Facilities are inclusive of – Wi-Fi Internet, two in-house restaurants for fine dining, an inspiring Spa, swimming pool and state-of-the-art conferencing facilities. This outstanding resort set in picturesque natural surroundings has 40 marvelously appointed villas and suites. There are secret hideaway cottages and luxurious tents as well.
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