Maman Fine Art presents: "Jacques Bedel, Ad Infinitum".

Throughout his fifty-year career, Jacques Bedel has managed to build a unique and solid oeuvre. Member of the CAYC Group for much of those years, his passing through the legendary experimental center of Buenos Aires did not interfere with his artistic and intellectual path which is, rightfully, unquestionably personal. The retrospective look allows us to highlight the continuity of interests and obsessions that already appear in his early works and which have not ceased to manifest until today.

Bedel has assumed as his own the grand themes of the human being: life, death, vacuum, communication, divinity, the unspeakable, good, evil, the meaning of words and things, knowledge, power, time. Against the contingency that seduces a good part of contemporary art, he prefers to follow the line of humanist’s masters and the momentous questions. This does not make him less contemporary. Simply, it places him in an aesthetic choice less worried in accommodating itself to the demands of the institutional circuit and more interested in taking on uncertainties and challenges.

In this way, Bedel erects a corpus of unused plastic versatility and of a personal profound emotional and conceptual criticism. In his artistic journey, he keeps experiencing authentic ways to delineate and face risks, leaving aside the discursive parameters that guide the direction of institutional contemporaneity. Even so, at all times he has been recognized for by it. Because, ultimately, his understanding of today, his incisive reading of spiritual and worldly reality, and his humanist bet, show him as a spokesman, in all his right, of Contemporaneity.