The work of the Brussels-based Spanish artist Angel Vergara includes many disciplines: performance, video, installations, drawings, paintings. Through these techniques the artist explores and opens up the field of painting and its new forms, from an aesthetic and an ethical point of view. Vergara’s new figurative approach is an answer to the contemporary challenges of painting, whereby he reinterprets already mediated images or manipulates them by the language of moving images.

In his recent painted films he links audiovisual to painting, putting the act of painting at the heart of his own pictorial production.

The exhibition at the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium evokes Charles Baudelaire’s five lectures droning his stay in Brussels, in which he defended his view on modernity by texts, poems and improvisations. In From Scene to Scene, Angel Vergara presents five large-format "painted films", echoing Baudelaire's lectures.

Angel Vergara was in charge of the Belgian pavilion at the 54th Art Biennial of Venice in 2011 (curator: Luc Tuymans). His work is internationally renowned and has been included in numerous exhibitions.