Blue Lotus Gallery is pleased to present ‘Hong Kong Upside Down’ as a part of the Le French May program. 'Hong Kong Upside Down' is an exploration of Hong Kong’s mesmerizing cityscapes from two opposite angles. French photographer Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze points his camera upwards and expresses Hong Kong’s vertical élan in a series called ‘Vertical Horizon’ while Tugo Cheng investigates Hong Kong from a bird’s eye view as revealed in ‘City Patterns’.

Tugo Cheng is rocking the scene as Hong Kong hottest emerging photographer. In the last two years he scooped up an amazing collection of awards from prestigious organizations such as National Geographic, Sony Awards and International Photographer of the Year. His work ‘Discovering China’; a book launched by Asia One in 2016 containing over 80 images of different parts of China, gained a lot of attention with local and international media. He was recently featured in South China Morning Post (HK), Ming Pao (HK), Apple Daily (HK), China Travel (HK), Photo Magazine (HK), Photoblog (HK), Metro Radio (HK), TVB (HK), RTHK and National Geographic, just to name a few.

Tugo Cheng, a professional architect by day, is intrigued by how floorpans translate into its real elevations. ’City Patterns’ explores Hong Kong’s unusual landscape from a birds eye view revealing interesting patterns and lines unknown to most city dwellers. This body of work will be shown for the first time in ‘Hong Kong Upside Down’.

Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze is a French photographer based in Hong Kong. His debut body of work: “Vertical Horizon” focusing on the unmatched vertical growth of Hong Kong was first published by Asia One in 2012. Some of the images were an instant hit and went viral all over the world. His photos have been featured in major publications across the world such as The Guardian, National Geographic, Huffington Post, CNN, Wall Street Journal, El Pais, Le Figaro Magazine, Die Welt, Apple Daily and many more. In this exhibition he will bring so far unseen work as part of the new series. The third revised edition of ‘Vertical Horizon’ will be launched during this exhibition.