J. Cacciola Gallery W is pleased to announce Incidental Edges: an exhibition of selected works by sculptor Tom Holmes & painter Laurie J. Kalb.

Tom Holmes is a sculptor working in stone, metal, wood, light, ice and water. He works seasonally, depending on available materials and the weather, which strongly influence his work. According to the artist, "Ice follows the freezing mark of winter, stone and steel the exterior work space of summer. Spring begins the search for materials and fall settles all debts, emotional, physical and intellectual." Incidental Edges contains a selection of sculptures representing some of these phases in his work. Tom Holme’s work is included in corporate, private and museum collections throughout the US, and has been exhibited at Beacon Artists Union, North Georgia State University, the LuDAP Sculpture Park in Paris, The Frank Lloyd Wright Museum, and other venues throughout the US and internationally.

Laurie Kalb’s career as an exhibiting artist has been evolving for the past two decades. Kalb works in oils, pastel, and cold wax medium, drawing from her life’s experience to explore the relationship between art and the soul. Kalb’s work often contains abstracted vessels, which form energetic compositions of line and color, crowding the space created on the canvas while playing with the viewer’s sense of harmony and visual tension. Laurie Kalb’s work has been included in exhibitions throughout the region, including the New Jersey Center for Visual Arts, Mayo Performing Arts Center, The Pastel Society of NJ, Speakeasy Gallery, and S.H.E. Gallery, as well as in public and private collections.

Tom Holmes’s abstract sculptures interspersed with Laurie Kalb’s paintings add solidity to the exhibition, grounding the viewer and offering a unique reference point. Although these artists have distinct styles, this exhibition merges their work seamlessly into a lively exploration of form, line, and the relationship between the space on the canvas and the space we occupy.