The last cover of Vogue Paris has confirmed the pronostic of the new mega trend, all seems to be changing since the new era. The economic crisis and the global thinking have turned down the world and putting Latin America on the spot.

Beautiful views, just like a surrealist paint, South America has became a new iconic place to be inspired and to create textures and color mixes. All of this became from the native cultures mixed with the new urban lives and the new technologies, creating a very modern look of what natives could ever wear.

Fashion on the streets are becoming more sport with colors that contrast the paviment, just like a way of expression. The punk feeling is coming back since the society has changed. People on the streets fighting for their rights and a new born multicultural generation has changed everything on the fashion culture; street sport wear, brilliant colors and dinamic fabrics. Down below you can find the video of Kenzo Electric Jungle, a good example that shows how the native trend is in the fashion campaigns, editorials and couture.

The last collection of Donna Karan New York was totally inspired by the new generation, mixing the urban culture with the native prints of the Amazona culture, keeping the scheme of the global mega trend of the world turn upside down. Powerfull reds and pinks matched with animal prints create a graphical composition of what it could be a native’s draw. This explains how the trend not only appears into the fashion culture but also in society, changing all rules and taking us to a new concept of generation and art.

We can go back to the polemic editorial by Sebastian Kim for Número African Queen, one of the photoshoot that shows how the influences of the mega trend can be capture. All of the contradictions in it means something, remember all people saying that this photos were all about racism and nothing else just because the model was white, but the real resource is to create a multicultural image, transforming this common white model into a black beauty queen, which explains how important mixture and native cultures became part of the industry and how the multicultural codes are present in the new age.

The tribal stamps, the mixed styles and the patches shown in the editorial can be found in the industry aswell, the fall-winter 2013 collection of Tom Ford has also promoted the trend, giving to the season a touch of urban tribes, ornaments and prints that will reflect a crucible of cultures and aesthetic traditions from Africa to Turkey, from China to South America. This trend focuses more on the visual codes that eliminate the diferences between cultures and creates this new modern native trend.

Full of colors and graphical stamps, the new aesthetic has many to do with our old natives roots. The world is now in an experimental moment where can express how the society feels about our history. A mix that takes the most iconic codes from old arts and bring them to the future to create a new experience for the consumers.

All of this will be present not only in fashion, will be part of our society and culture. It’s a reponse to what we’re doing and it will change the world in many ways, from the economic crisis to the global and glocal thinking. It’s a cultural movement, it’s a new generation and trend.