Artist and filmmaker Linda Christanell, born 1939, is considered one of the key figures of the Austrian feminist avant-garde. The 21er Haus is the first museum in Vienna to highlight her artistic cosmos in a solo exhibition.

Conceived as a retrospective installation, Picture Again features the artist’s work from the past 50 years and explains her pictorial world. The exhibition sets Christanell’s works in spatial relationships with each other. Individual objects such as hatpins, custom jewellery, postcards, and mirrors invariably serve as forms for photographs and films. Drawings, text, photography, film, sculpture, and found objects are woven into a poetic picture story.

A pioneer of feminist art, Linda Christanell has both individually and collectively provided socio-political stimuli. She worked in the fields of painting, object art, installation, performance, and photography before she turned to intensively engaging with the moving image. The focus of her cinematic work is the deconstruction of the traditional male gaze, and to challenge the functional mechanisms of the cinematic medium. The inspiration and thematic focus of her work is the female experience, societal attributions, corporeality, eroticism, and sexuality.