Beo_Project first italian-serbian expositive space in Belgrade, is pleased to invite you, on Friday 22nd March from 7pm to 10pm to the exhibition of Dušica Dražić & Deqa Abshir | The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. The exhibition is open from monday to friday 10am-2pm, other day by appointment.

The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Dusica Drasic, in collaboration with the artist Deqa Abshir, with the support of Goethe Institut of Nairobi has created along with the community of Somali refugees in Kenya, the work The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. The work has on it some traditional African serigraphic motifs, along with decorative elements, as well as cassette tapes, calendars, notes and personal objects. Together, these represent the memories of people, certain Somali refugees who carried these items with them to Kenya. Like an artefact, the coat provides evidence of habits from a past time, yet it is a garment that exists in the present. It is a place where fragments of real identities find a home. In union, The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is a film which discusses in bright, vivid colour some of the most urgent problems surrounding the issues of migration and colonialism. What does it mean to settle again somewhere new? How do habits and relationships change within a collective? How are personal memories intertwined with the destiny of a community that has met with such a fate? In addition to the coat, this work consists of a series of photos and two videos showing the process by which these intimate stories and narratives have been explored, the personal experiences of those who have given their memories to the history of a community. (Marta Ferretti)

Dušica Dražić
Born in 1979, Belgrade. 2006 MFA "Public Art and new strategies" Bauhaus University of Weimar. He currently lives between Belgrade and Antwerpen. Selected Solo Exhibitions: 2012 "Vexations" DKSG, Belgrade. 2011 "Blueprint", Cultural Centre of Belgrade. 2011 "The Event Place", DOB, Belgrade. 2010 "Looks Like We've Been Here Before", 2009 "Spaces" CCS, Sopot, Serbia. Public Art Work Selected: 2012 "Industrial Arboretum" Dockville Kunstcamp, Wilhelmsburg, Hamburg. 2011 "Monument to the Future" Goethe Institute, Nairobi, Kenya. Select Group Exhibitions: 2012 "Between Worlds" HDLU, Zagreb. 2012 "What happened with the Museum of Contemporary Art?" Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade. 2011 "Rearview Mirror" The Power Plant, Toronto, Canada. 2011 "255,804 m2" Brot Kunsthalle, Vienna. 2011 "The Power to Host" ISCP, New York. Residences: 2012 "Dockville Kunstcamp", Hamburg. 2012 "Springcamp" TimeLab, Ghent. 2011 Art Residency at Tobacna 001, Ljubljana. 2010 ISCP RESIDENCY, NY. Award / Fellowship: 2010 Young European Artist Trieste Contemporaneous. 2010 Dimitrije Basicevic Mangelos Award Winner, Serbia. 2005/2006 DAAD scholarship, Germany.

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