WELSH artist Malcolm Edwards RCA is undoubtedly one of the finest watercolour artists of his generation. Now in his 83rd year his next show, at award winning North Wales Gallery Ffin y Parc this April, will alas be his last, although he has vowed to continue painting.

Malcolm was born in 1934 and educated at Liverpool University. He has been exhibiting his work regularly for thirty years and his work is represented in many public and private collections across Europe and North America. He has been a member of the RCA since 1994.

“Most of my painting is carried out in my studio, working from sketchbooks full of information gathered currently and over the past thirty years,” explained the artist.

“My paintings of Wales are inspired by the wild mountainous areas of Snowdonia. A brutal glory of sculpted landscape on a heroic scale, precipitous rock strewn slopes, deeply glaciated cwms, jagged summits under inky skies and the spikiness of dew jewelled reed.”

Gallery Owner Ralph Sanders said he was proud to be presenting Malcolm’s final collection of new work. He said: “In these paintings, Malcolm’s ability to distil the essence of the North Wales landscape is potent and undimmed. Even though he paints in his studio, from sketches, memory and imagination, the work is hugely detailed.”

Also sharing the exhibition space at the Llanrwst based art gallery from Sunday, April 2 to Wednesday, 26, is another hugely popular Welsh artist Sion McIntyre. Following the success of his first show at Ffin y Parc, we are pleased to have a new collection of Sion’s work.

Sion grew up in Anglesey, and studied Fine Art in Bangor. While obviously influenced by his grandfather, painter Donald McIntyre, who taught him and with whom he spent many hours studying and painting the views and landscapes beloved by them both, these paintings have a clear voice of their own. Of his work Sion added: “These paintings capture the exquisite subtlety of dynamic natural colour present in the landscapes as I experienced them at first hand and a number of my paintings represent special opportunities to paint views not easily accessed.”