“Atlas” aims to highlight the possible mappings of an art collection, starting from the fragments of a territory that can be identified in terms of a theme, a generation, an artistic language, a history.

The configuration of a theoretical or processual common field is carried out from within the known material but with an objectivity that allows also an external public to identify it. It takes the form of an investigation made from the inside of the collection, employing a close perspective and a logic of detachment that together make possible a completely new understanding each time.

“Atlas I” — the first act of the exhibition project— focuses on the 1990s, selecting works and artists that engage a vision in which the performative materiality of the previous generation—the 1960s, from Conceptual Art to Body Art—is replaced by a world of technological subjectivity in which art products are the outcome of a process of planning—from design to cinema, and theater to painting—that transformed the artist from being a physical and intellectual creator into a scientific and analytical researcher.

Each work is given its own setting. The singular nature of each therefore evolves in a dedicated space, while the group of works as a whole elucidates the complexity of the techniques and procedures used for purposes of expression.

The artists included in the exhibition are John Bock, Tom Friedman, Mona Hatoum, Carsten Höller, Marc Quinn, Rachel Whiteread and Andrea Zittel.