Fresh Window is pleased to present Unnoticed a two-person show of recent works by New York -based artists Jeff Feld and Ryan Schroeder.

This exhibition examines the mysteries of the unnoticed moments, objects and places of our everyday, thereby questioning the human experience and ultimately, human progress. Feld's use of the quotidian is rooted in his interest in human relationships and the real or perceived expectations they generate.

Feld’s work investigate and represent how we navigate, sustain and sometimes see a-new the dissonant circumstances we confront every day. Schroeder’s abandoned spaces explore the issue of Being in an existential regard, particularly through the apparent void found in manmade spaces that have ceased to serve a function and possess a residue of occupation, the visceral sensation of a human presence.

These structures provide a framework through which Schroeder is able to have a conversation about Socio-economics and the contemporary American condition, and what it means to be forgotten.