Woodbury House and Sage Vaughn present 'Garden Variety'.

​ LA based artist Vaughn is coming to London for his largest solo UK show to date, exhibiting twenty new and exclusive pieces that Vaughn has created specifically for Woodbury House.

​ The new, exclusive body of work explores a poignant war-fatigued sentiment and the lengths we go to, to distract ourselves from the disasters which we create.

​ “The works for the Woodbury house show began as experiments of an anti-war or war fatigued sentiment. Living in a country that is in continuous unending wars, takes its toll and I feel that is not often discussed within America. I would recreate a particularly horrid image of Goya’s from the series, and accumulate flowers and other garden debris over it; Obscuring the picture with hundreds of layers of oral imagery.”

​ “The innate meaning of some works were completely altered from the original intention, while others became simply obscured or visually abstracted. Yet, as the pieces developed, I discovered these works were less concerned with the intended statements against war, and more about the lengths we go to distract ourselves from the disasters we create. Much like flowers on a grave, the beauty of these paintings is surface, while the depth is quite dark.”