In Wonderful World the visitor is met by an intense scent of grass, reminding one of childhood and the green grass in the soccer club. Anders Bojen & Kristoffer Ørum’s work Grass Landscape is a wall painted with green chlorophyll, extracted from grass.

The wall will be painted over again and again during the exhibition period, like a landscape painting in constant change. Per Kirkeby’s five winged masonite piece from 1976 depicting a church window in the center from which the rays of the sun seem to point fingers at a panned landscape tradition, is reflected in John Kørner’s grand 2x3 m work Poland that seems to be a beautiful and endearing sunset in violet, yet at closer inspection the image reveals itself as an industrial factory.

A Wonderful World? Judge for yourselves, but from a utopian and yet rather realistic perspective, the viewer is introduced to Poul Gernes’ windmill project for Aarhus Bay in 1986. Even though the project was never actually realized one may loose oneself in - and fall in love - with the idea of a pink windmill park as a loving counterpart to the potent concrete skyline of the waterfront.

Curated by Bibi Saugman