This is really interesting story and it began when Mr Robert Schenk was a cello student. He got an unexpected idea to create an ultimate case for his instrument that would be strong and sturdy but light and beautiful to carry around. Robert focused on his idea and used carbon-fiber and clever design as starting points in creating his cases, while moving away from traditional and heavy industrial instrument cases to the light, organic, artisan-made Accord case.

The success of the Accord case exceeded wildest expectations. It became the lightest, strongest, highly functional and one of the most attractive case collection on the market. 25 years later of his idea, Accord case is world’s best-known, premium brand of musical instrument cases. Treasured Stradivari, Amati and Guarneri instruments are trusted to Accord cases, as well as the instruments of rock and classical music stars such as S ting, Carlos Santana, Mark Knopfler, Lenny Kravitz, Yo Yo Ma, 2 Cellos (Luka Šulić, Stjepan Hauser), Van Halen and many others.

Robert is very innovative man and he has created the new “A-case”, currently offers a collection of briefcases. A new series of beauty cases and travel accessories will soon be available – all with innovative functionality and great design. Carbon fiber as a material stayed with him, but further he patented the process of coloring this material and form it into unique patterns. He also added the touch of warmth in a form of wooden handles, hand-carved of 1100 year old oak. It goes on to surprisingly innovative interior, which quality leather parts are movable, so it can be adjusted to individual needs and firmly fit to any laptop and/or equipment. Every case has double-bottom option, click-on shoulder straps, one-press closing and above all, infinite possibilities to customize and personalization.

The new A-case luxury and hi-end products (brief cases, laptop cases, even metal-free belts) are created to make every day more convenient. When I asked ask Robert what he has wanted to make with A-case, he answered: “While creating the A-case I wanted to move away from established norms for business and hi-tech design that somehow never moved from cold, colorless and rigid products. A-case overcomes traditional ways of thinking how briefcases and cases should look, feel and respond to users’ needs. Instead I wanted to add new meaning to excellence and started from a traditional base to which new value could be added.”

It is obviously that Robert wasn’t stop his creativity, not in the means of profit and growth, but in the terms of putting life and work together into a more meaningful story that would not only benefit him and close associates but the wider community as well. And just like every true inventor, he did not only invent the new product but the whole new concept of running the company on the ground of sharing his success i.e. profit.

I asked Robert to explain the product and the concept to us and what is so special when customer buy an A-case. “Well, that is where the new way of business comes in. It's not only about fair trade it’s about fair distribution. The idea behind every A-case is to create an excellent product that not only gives you satisfaction in the form of experiencing the artisan work and real craftsmanship but to also give you a feeling that you contribute to something more bigger than yourself. Half of profit that is made from selling A-case will be given to help creative start-ups and different nonprofit initiatives who create programs that benefit the community. Even though this could only be seen as a marketing trick, the inventors claim is given and will be tracked so the buyers will have an opportunity to see what their money did for others. This model put A-case company in a model where the purpose of the business is not only to make profit but to give back. It is the union of opposites, high technology and artisanship, colours and classic style, playfulness and strength, lightness and functionality. It is the synchronicity that I am personally so focused on. That moment of stillness and creation. Everything stops there and becomes pure joy, the essence of Life that we are all looking for. A-case is 100% hand-made in carbon fiber, 50% lighter, 100% stronger than cases on the market today.”

This completely innovative and original concept in hand-made briefcases and cases which revolutionizes how they look, feel and respond to users’ needs, Robert’s A-case products combine a carbon hard shell body, a wooden handle made from 1100 year old oak and a customizable interior of real leather, carbon and velcro. I believe that this brilliant innovator will continue his productive work and that many customers from all around the world will satisfied with his innovations.

God bless you all.