The new year marks a new beginning so we set our new year’s resolutions: we hope to be thinner, make lots of money and enjoy our lives as best as we can. We are looking for happiness. Unfortunately this quest can be challenging at times.

Mental illness can be caused by genetic heritage or the wrong chemistry in the brain. But often it is thrown upon us as a reaction to deep trauma and pure tragedy. Bad things happen. We can't protect ourselves from the hardship that life intends to dump on us. And we all react very differently. This is what intrigues Lee do Ploy the most. Lee has many faces himself: psychiatrist, art dealer, writer, husband and lover.

Through his paintings of portraits we meet some exceptional troubled human beings and we learn an invaluable lesson: that however different we make assume ourselves to be, we are remarkably alike. According to Lee there is hope, with a bit of help and good endeavor we can all find contentment. We just need to look in the right places.

The Life of Lee du Ploy has followed an interesting path, varied and challenging, from being broke to self-made millionaire. He has travelled far and wide to follow his two obsessions: Art & Psychology. Lee du Ploy is a therapist, an art dealer, husband and lover but being a painter is what he enjoys the most.