The gallery has the pleasure to present for the first time in Athens – Greece the photographers Nithah Stöcklin and Michael Stöcklin, in an exhibition curated by art and film curator Paulo S. Rufino Henrique.

The photographers Nithah Stöcklin and Michael Stöcklin will hold an unprecedented exhibition entitled “Spiritual Desert”.

The exhibition portrays the experience of the photographers at the "Burning Man" art festival, which is one of the largest socio-cultural events dedicated to art, self-expression, and the spirit of community, in which artistic interventions are displayed in the middle of the desert along with gigantic artistic installations, on the rhythm of several genres of electronic music.

The festival is held every year in the Nevada desert (United States) and lasts for 8 days, bringing together more than 70.000 people. The proposal of this event is to encourage people to express their creativity and live in community with a humanistic outlook respecting the eco-system.

The Swiss-Brazilian photographer Nithah and her husband Michael highlight the experience, when they attended this festival: "The experience in community was harmonious and respectful, even with more than 70.000 people from different countries. During the event, there was no communication with the outside world and this has contributed to analyze our inner life leading us to a spiritual self-encounter, which is the reason why we called this art-exhibition as “Spiritual Desert”. According to Nithah taking part on this event was important, because it allowed her to reach her inner-self to unleash her creativity that shaped up her artwork.

Spiritual Desert is a beautiful register of the photographers’ view during the festival that took place in 2015, recording the interaction and art-performance amongst its participants.

Nithah and Michael are professional photographers, whose photographs have been published at Photo Vogue magazine. In addition they had art-photography exhibitions held during the Art Basel in 2016 with the project called 3942 Photo in Switzerland, at the International film festival called Mostra Internacional de Cinema Negro in São Paulo - Brazil, at the Vorreither Gallery in Frankfurt and during the latest showcase of the Photo 17 in Zurich.