Nasser Al Aswadi was born on October 4th, 1978 in the al Hujr village, not far from Taiz, the third city of Yemen, where he lived until he turned 16 years old. Later on, he studied architecture in Taiz and then in Sanaa. He exhibited his rst works in Sanaa in 2001.

Nasser currently lives and continues to create in France.

For Nasser Al Aswadi, calligraphy is a way to express feelings and thoughts without them being speci cally linked to language. He uses Arabic letters, words and forms as well as spiritual and musical sources. The wide variety of meanings and styles nourish the artist’s creativity.

Nasser’s work is inspired by journeys, rural landscapes, architecture,public crowds and busy streets. As he was always keen to translate these experiences into artistic creations, in each piece of work, Nasser picks a writing style that lends the best sense and passion to that particular work. Letters and words are not drawn on a straight line or placed horizontally, but painted and stacked separately and are identical to each other, tangled and lost in the imaginary space of the painting.

The purpose of using interlocking letters is to offer a unique artistic style of his own. Nasser has exhausted all the different styles of Arabic writing to create a world in which his work is abstract and is obviously inspired by everyday events and concomitantly makes use of the energy and light of the words he selects. Writing is the core of his work and it strays from the normal usage of those terms to enable others to enter into a world of sign and visual language.