Attracting leading galleries, collectors, curators, critics and art dealers, Artrooms is the premier show for independent artists looking to enter the London Art Market. In a successful partnership with the Meliá White House, a deluxe high-end hotel in Regent’s Park, Artrooms offers an innovative platform to support and to nurture the artists career. The fair is one-of a kind: “One room at no cost to the artists”. Each artist gets the unique opportunity to transform one room into their own creative space and turn it into a unique and intimate environment to showcase their work without paying a fee. Visitors get the chance to meet the person behind the work and buy art at the venue, while art galleries seem to have found a hunting ground for scouting unrepresented talents.

Founder and Art Director, Cristina Cellini Antonini comments that Artrooms “Is a unique opportunity for galleries to uncover unrepresented talents. Galleries play a very important role in the Art Industry and our aim is to facilitate the quest for tomorrow’s next big star.” Also for Francesco Fanelli, Co- founder and Director, ARTROOMS is “The best way to support artists, by giving them a chance to show their talent, to meet collectors and galleries who could represent them in London and in the UK. Inviting artists to exhibit for free, help us guarantee the high level of the show. In this process, we are supported by a committee of industry experts, to whom we own the success of the fair”.

The Artrooms Selection Committee for this up-coming edition counts on experts such as former S2 Sotheby’s Gallery’s Director Fru Tholstrup, UK multi awarded YBA artist Gavin Turk, art broker Louisa Grasso Omar, and art critic Michael Barnett, just to name a few.

In this year’s edition, 35 countries across Europe, Canada, USA, South America, Far East and Israel will be represented in the fair. The Americas and Canada will count with the presence of 11 artists while Asia with 8 artists coming from Japan, Malaysia and Korea. Nonetheless, the most prominent section in show is formed by 28 European artists, from which 19 come from the the UK. Together with the Selected artists, many up-and-coming and established artists will join the fair. Among them, Francesca Pasquali, Courtesy of Tornabuoni Art UK. Although, the gallery is mainly focused in Post-War Italian art, it has always supported young Italian artists throughout the years. This edition promises to be thought-provoking, mind-bending and awe-inspiring. The next Picasso is waiting to be discovered.

In addition to showing talented artists, the fair will present a series of art talks such as: “How to collect Contemporary Art - Financial and legal aspects from acquisition to collection management” by Alessandro Umberto Belluzzo from Belluzzo & Partners, “Unlock the Art World for Business” by Jean- Baptiste Leroux from Elx-Art. Also, Richmond the American International University in London will be presenting workshops and dialogues between artists and art experts, which will be curated by Dr Robert J. Wallis and Dr Alex Seago, Dean of the Richmond University in London.

For this 2017 edition, the Artrooms team has also worked together with its Partners and Sponsors to introduce three new sections. The new section “To Watch” will be showcasing works by shortlisted artists from several Awards and Prize in the UK and abroad while the section “Focus on” will be hosting the exhibition ArtKorea London. ArtKorea is an exquisite collective exhibition presented by curator Alvin Lee from IACO Korea, it will include over 70 works by contemporary up-and-coming Korean artists. The third section “Art Project: A matter of Perception” will be presenting three installations. A bespoke installation “Infinite Perspective” by Will Teather, who is known for creating images that reveal a unique imagination combined with a mastery of traditional skills. Teather's work is held in a number of notable collections such as the Aude Gotto Collection, The Wolterton & Mannington Estate and The Modern Artist's Gallery. "A Holographic Theater EyeMagic" presented by MDHhologram of U.K. and Studio Tangram of Italy, will be showcasing one of a kind experience that wowed everyone at Venezuela pavilion at the Milano expo, while presenting a combination of art, culture and people, all of which was highly honoured in 2015. Now more then ever technology goes hand in hand with culture, art and educational programs worldwide. And finally, the in-house installation “An Open Letter to the Art Collector” curated by Artrooms founder Cristina Cellini Antonini.

Produced by Le Dame Art Gallery and B2B Italy, Artrooms can count on several partners and sponsors who join forces to support the artists, among them CASS Art, Trusts and Wealth, Fast Signs, Flight Logistic, Nu Factory and in particular Contini Art UK, led by Cristian Contini and Fulvio Granocchia (also members of the Artrooms Arts Advisory Board). Contini Art UK is a strong supporter of the fair and last November they hosted the fair’s Press Conference together with a show by Neil Shirreff, a talented photographer discovered during last edition of AArtrooms 2016. Artrooms is also proud to announce a new collaboration with Art Below, showcasing selected works across billboard space in major London stations leading up to and during the fair.