On Tuesday, 29th November 2016, Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center presents the solo show of Dimitris Foutris entitled Β is everything you can imagine from the material world.

In the new site specific installation of Dimitris Foutris, entitled B is everything you can imagine from the material world, the level of perception of the material world is intrinsically related to the level of perception of daily activities. Dialogues, thoughts, relationships and roles interact with the materiality of the world around us, or rather with our memory of it.

The focus of this reasoning is not the everyday, but rather daily life as a modern human condition, within which the different narration layers are recorded and stratified. Elliptical, fragmentary and repetitive, like memory itself, these incidents are not tangent to life, but stand in its proximity up to the point of questioning the real. Among the shapes of this collage, in the gaps, we identify faces and biographies refined into what we call experience.

An element of particular importance for Dimitris Foutris is - like in his previous work - the creation of the works’ viewing conditions and interpretation framework. Thus, space becomes an integral part of the work itself, specifically the voids, which are hierarchically classified as equal to the wide range of media used. From installation to photography and video the works deal with the boundaries between the material and immaterial, between objects and language.