Jos Knaepen’s collection was created in her own image, with each and every work chosen with care and pleasure. Yet, it was without doubt different facets of Jos Knaepen that had to survive, namely those of elegance, intelligence and goodwill.

Annely Juda Fine Art is delighted to announce an exhibition of works from the collection of Jos Knaepen, in collaboration with the King Baudouin Foundation. Included in the exhibition will be works by Sam Francis, Robert Motherwell, Ben Nicholson, David Nash and Alan Green, amongst others.

Jos Knaepen (1933 - 2014) was a former art critic and avid art collector. Passionate in her pursuit of art, she built up strong friendships with artists and dealers alike. She often spent time with artists in their studios and was a frequent visitor to current museum exhibitions and art fairs. She had a particular interest in the artists who led the way to abstract art in the twentieth century and acquired some 56 works in her lifetime. Scholarly in approach, Knaepen was knowledgeable yet searched for the visceral response that certain artworks evoked in her, deciding on various occasions that the piece had chosen her rather than the opposite. To discover, to approach, to appreciate and then to purchase paintings, drawings, engravings and sculptures was the life’s passion of this exceptional woman, who lived amongst her collection.

Prompted by the desire to protect her collection and make it accessible to the general public, Knaepen decided to donate her collection of abstract art to the King Baudouin Foundation. The King Baudouin Foundation is committed to the preservation, protection, accessibility and promotion of Belgian heritage through its Heritage Fund.

Jos Knaepen was a great friend of Annely Juda Fine Art and it is with pleasure that we exhibit part of her collection here in London.