E pluribus unum
(from The Great Seal of United States of America)

In fifteen thousand years of civilization, from the Cave of Altamira until today, Christianity has been and still is the only real news, as archetypes are still dominating. Life is a fight between symbols. Politics have not changed since the Trojan War, in Omer’s Iliad. Trump is the Phoenix. He has died many times through bankruptcy and biased pols just to resurrect magnificently with his fair hair reminding us of a symbolic Phoenix, the eagle on fire, which is now the coat of arms of Arizona. The Phoenix is a special eagle. It resurrected itself from the fire that seems to destroy it, it has a long life, it hides itself perfectly and suddenly appears, it is elusive and is nourished by resins which she also secrets and it flies over deserts.

So is Trump and his triumph. A double triumph, the revenge of Ross Perot. The American political system has been defeated long before Hillary. Even Republican big shots are not celebrating. They feel like they have been deprived of an image: ‘the great America nation’, taken for granted for too long, treated as a toy and now worn by Trump as his own Heracle’s lion skin. Trump incarnates the archetype of patriarchy and he believes in it more than anybody else does. If Hillary reminds us of Phoebe and Obama’s leopard elegance of the fascinating Hermes, Trump is certainly the modern Zeus armed with lightning. His picture with a white-headed eagle on his arm speaks for itself. Zeus is the light of day. Thin, shadow-less. Unstoppable, splitting clouds and imposing himself against everything and everyone. Zeus is the first god in the Olympus, the first role model of democracy. Although, he is the only one to carry a gold chain that crosses heaven and earth and that only he can carry. Even if all other gods pulled this chain, Zeus would still be the only one who is able to move it, according to the Iliad. Zeus is certainty and stability.

I think that everyone watching Trump’s campaign speeches cannot help but be surprised and amazed at his political skills and clarity of mind, the incredible way he is so sure of himself. Nobody has ever been so certain he would win. His certainty convinced people. Zeus has no doubts. The sun light is simple, clear and incarnates the ideal of victory, especially the one we call ‘triumph’, a victory without a shred of doubt which is often sudden and unexpected. The concept of triumph we have learnt from Greece and Rome with their armies, trophies and conquered enemies all in the same imperial way, as everyone can see. Washington was built following the Roman model with its obelisk and the Capitol’s rounded shape.

The endless crying of Miley Cirus also reminds us of the Greek myth. A sadness so deep it cannot help but take us back to the archetypes, a form of psychological survival from the Greek myths. Miley is Kore, the girl who does not grow up, who does not want to grow up and incarnates a dance that cannot cease. The trauma is hers and never leaves her. Miley’s Eros wants to render intimate things public. A democracy based on Dionysus, the liberator. This way energy dissipates and dissolves and Kore is kidnapped underground. Miley’s Eros smells of Thanatos, it makes her Persephone, the queen of shadows. The absence of veils extinguishes the mystery and magnetism, the Myth’s tricks to move things. Zeus judges, inflexible. Miley cries traumatised, lost and orphaned of any reference. She misses her virago mother, the Amazon mother: Hillary. She has never met her father. She knows him now; it is Trump. Our father makes us cry when he tells us off and seems insensitive. Obama is womanish. He is at one with Hillary. The Father figure was silent for too long and now his voice is back.

Trump is defined by his strong and precise gestures. Have a look at them. They split the air like swords, as victorious lightning. They define new mental spaces. They set vital limits and irradiate energy. Everything seems possible. Zeus is the Limit. The Wall. Civilisation cannot live without the Wall. The Great Wall of China and Hadrian’s Wall are a sign of this. Without a sense of limits there is no right, no order. A fluid society cannot grow, it can only stagnate. Water always stops at the lowest level. It seeks for it, while the eagle looks for heights. The wall moves towards heights. With Trump the Dream comes back. Hillary and Obama’s dream was individual, the utopia of an Individual who wants to be the leader of infinite rights. The democrats’ dream is the sum of endless individual dreams.

Trump is another kind of dream which seems to have disappeared in the recent past, but the unconscious missed it. The collective Dream. The Dream of a Nation that flies high as a solitary eagle. The peoples’ dream identifying with its guide. A Man and an entire civilization that look at each other and mirror each other. America as the low profile dream of a worker who wants to improve his position. Production is masculine. Distribution is feminine. Trump brings back the concept of majority. Obama and Hillary were a sum of minorities, not a single majority. The Democratic dream founded on the exclusion of the concept of majority. The individual cannot bear a majority if not as an enlarged Individual, multiplied and replicated. For this reason, young people with the left fist up (a Communist symbol) parade and scream Trump is a fascist. They have no face, no ideas. They refuse a democracy founded on the acceptance of defeat. The idea of majority itself is fascist for the disciples of Dionysus who prefer to forget themselves in the mass that defines the anonymous individual.

Trump is his own face, his reddened face like a Phoenix, like a Fox. Samson destroys the Philistine camps with burning foxes. Firefox. Trump is also Hefesto, the great underground worker. The craftsman inventing new things. The demiurge forging new mechanisms. His wife is Melania, that is to say Aphorodite. Silent and sweet in her beauty. Hillary talked with her brain, enchanting people with celebral and cold dreams. Trump speaks with a male heart, warm and virile. Zeus loves to be disguised as a bull or as a fast flying eagle. Zeus removes the veils from the nymphs, dominating nature and revealing it. With Trump, America has its own Putin. A western and democratic Putin. A virile, dominating and controlling model was missing. The rage of the defeated is great. The return of matriarchy was beaten by a whisker.

International politics is also a war between symbols and ancient images. Trump has suddenly changed all geopolitical balances. He is like a poker player who has changed the table to invent new rules, in order to not be deceived by cheats. Russia and China were about to prevail – on a political and military level - over the USA and the entire world. Trump’s victory managed to stop the risk, inverting the tendency with his presence only. A psychic barrier that is magnetising even before having taken any decision. Now the whole world wonders what America will do. Reinforcing the American psychological domination of the world. The Empires are divided into Empires of the Sun and Empires of the Moon. America, Russia, Japan, India, Britain as Empires of the Sun, the charisma of which is hidden in the images of The Eagle, The Lion and The Sun.

Turkey is now friends with Russia again. An exception among the Reigns of the Moon that can be explained by underlining the fact that the Turkish are a mix between the Hittite, the Assyrian and Asian warriors such as Tamerlane. The Assyrian people were the first to use the double headed eagle as an imperial symbol. Saudi Arabia and China are lunar empires. They love waters, winds and commerce. They have a fluid form, both cryptic and elusive. The Chinese dragon is wet and winding. China is Gea, Hydra and Typhoon. Islam is Ares. China has a great friend: Pakistan. If Trump gets the Empires of the Eagles and the Empires of the Sun together, it is only natural that the Empires of the Moon will do the same creating new relations, opposed to the ones that have been created in the past few years. If Trump does not do it, it will eventually happen anyway. You cannot escape from archetypes. Symbols do not forgive, they link and dissolve according to the laws of pre-set harmonies.

Translation by Emanuela Borgatta Dunnett