"New pictorial language" is Natalia's project for Macau residence at Fundacao Oriente, starting on 22nd June with the making of the exhibition in a live painting method and with the opening on 30th June, 6pm local time.

We need to bring new types of creation to painting, beyond new techniques, materials, alternative methods, is also innovative propose to the artist, in a completely new environment, a collection of works based on these influences.

The creation of this collection is made with open door, so the visitor attend to the creation of works, through live painting. Thus, visitors are invited to watch the entire process from the beginning to the end of the work's creation and then will display the entire collection.

The evolution of the exhibition will be shared daily in the social network pages of the artist.

Arriving to Lisbon, Natalia will present a selection of paintings that were presented in all is passage from India to East Timor, from Shanghai to Singapore, essentially a passage through Orient.

“From Occident to Orient” will be showed at Museu Oriente, in the 22nd July 6pm local time.

This the first time that a Museum requires Natalia´s works, a recognition of her 20 years career and also for her devotion to the art.

"The distance that separates the east from the west, was the basis of my work", Natalia explains. "Born of a deep admiration for the country and eastern people It is such a vast and rich culture: discipline, clothing, Architecture. It has been a huge challenge, I hope I have honored correctly a people who will always be inspiration. China ink, ceramics, clothing, Architecture, all coordinated by an unusual discipline".

About Natalia Gromicho

Multitalented artist, Natalia Gromicho studied painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts and School ArCo in Lisbon.

Celebrated 20 year career last year, it is one of the Portuguese contemporary artists more prominently, having represented Portugal in several international exhibitions, such as in Italy (The largest exhibition of human rights in the world - "Human Rights Exhibition") in Brazil (the largest exhibition of South American architecture and Art - "Casa Cor São Paulo"), Australia ( "Adelaide Fringe Festival") in Miami ("World Tour Exhibitions Contemporary Artists"), in London (Hay Hill Gallery), New Delhi (Cervantes Institute), Dili ( "Human Rights" exhibition the Portuguese Embassy and Timor Orient Foundation), Russia (State library Moscow), Singapore (exhibition, auction and representation by Artz Space), France (Commemoration of the Day of Portugal at the Consulate of Portugal) among others.

Natalia Gromicho has his work represented all over the world, highlighting Portugal, Brazil, Spain, United States, England, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Shanghai, India and East Timor.