Art Taipei, formerly known as Taipei Art Fair International, is the longest-standing art fair in Asia. Under the auspice of Taiwan Art Gallery Association since 1992, Art Taipei 2012 will take place from 9th to 12th of November at Taipei World Trade Center.

As the most experienced and professional art fair in Asia, Art Taipei serves as the most essential platform in trading Asian art depending on the long-term observation of the market, profound knowledge and experience of Taiwanese galleries. Along with Taiwan art market development since 1980’s, numerous influential and proficient collectors has been nurtured and become the best in Asia. Taiwan’s geographical and cultural location also contributed to the success of Art Taipei. Thanks to the multi-cultural infiltration in Taiwan, Art Taipei is not only the connection point between Southeast and Northeast Asia, but also stands for the cultural hub of the Chinese arts.

The great success in Art Taipei 2011 amazed the international art world. Art Taipei 2011 gathered 127 galleries from worldwide, and attracted a great number of international collectors as well as attendees of up to 45,000, resulting in record high sales. Following the success with the determination to stand firm as one of the best art fairs, Art Taipei 2012 will be expanded both in quality and quantity. With more galleries from various regions, the aim is to provide a broader view and more diversified art to satisfy the coveted collectors from all over the world.

During Art Taipei, Art Taipei Forum (Asia Art Economy Forum in Taipei), an important platform for gallery directors, scholars, collectors, and press from all over the world to share and exchange information about Asian art markets, will also be held along with other events including Art Lecture, Art Film, Docent Program, and etc.

Owning the longest history among art fairs in Asia-Pacific area, Art Taipei wins its good reputation from world-wide collectors. To celebrate 20th anniversary of Fair organizer, Taipei Art Gallery Association, the 19th Art Taipei up-graded the whole fair scale, total 150 galleries grows 20 percent from last year. With the most applicants ever, Art Taipei also becomes more and more competitive. Over half participating  galleries of Art Taipei are from overseas, includes Asia- Pacific countries such as China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, Europeans countries such as UK, Germany, Austria and Greece, and US. Outstanding galleries all gathered to shine out in Art Taipei 2012!

From Asia to the world. 
As the index to Asian art market, Art Taipei always presents important Asian artists. Famous conceptual female artist who has just received compliments through her collaboration with Louis Vuittonin New York, Yayoi Kusama is one of the most seen artists in Art Taipei 2012. With artworks from different period, Art Taipei 2012 is a great chance to admire her fantasy. Widely-known artist whose works have strongly challenged China authority, Ai Weiwei, will show his critical perspective to Art Taipei 2012 as well. For the first time, American photographer Diane Arbus’s black and white square photos will be officially presented in Art Taipei. Starts from Asia and crosses oceans to the world, Art Taipei maps out unique Asian style and proudly presents it to the world.

Classical Specials, long-last legendary.
Despite the tough situation in stock market, Chinese artists’ record-breaking deals still shine out. In Art Taipei 2012, a special zone for Chinese Classical Artworks is designed to present important Taiwanese Artists such as Liao Chi-chun, Chen Cheng-po, Yang San-lang and world- known Chinese artists Zau wou-ki and Teh-chun Chu. And artist whose tender female figure and colorful flowers fascinated the world,  Wallace Ting, will also be included in the area. Facing the unstable global economics, classics is one of the best choices in collector’s perspective.Annual Theme: Made By Art. 

In 2009, Typhoon Morakot stroke south Taiwan, especially the aboriginal tribes. In Art Taipei 2012’s One Love, One Art program, we invited singer Cheer Chen to hold the Photography Workshop, visiting aboriginal tribes and take photos with local kids, witnessing how disaster changed their homeland. Their works will be presented in Art Taipei 2012 and all the sales revenue will go to the charity for recovery use.

Besides, Art Taipei also plans a series of interesting related activities: special price entrance ticket, day-pass ticket, art performances, artists and collector talks, various tours during the fair. Art Taipei aims to show that art fairs are for all, not only for particular ones. In “Taipei Art Week”, free tour bus will be provided to take Art Taipei visitors to events in Taipei, including Taipei Biennial (Fine Art Museum), International Video Biennial (Hong-gah museum), Artist Fair (Song-Shan Cultural Park), Shibuya Fashion Festival (Hua-shan 1914 Creative Park), Kuan-du Fine Art Museum and National History Museum. The whole city will be indulged in an artistic autumn!

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