An Exhibition of Contemporary Pop Art opens at Lacey Contemporary this spring featuring US artist Elisabetta Fantone and British based artists Sara Pope, Paola Ban & Finn Stone.

Working across a variety of mediums including painting, works on paper, prints, neon and fibreglass sculptures, these artists reflect the intrinsic impact of popular culture on contemporary art today. Taking a creative influence from all aspects of pop culture such as advertising, magazines and newspapers, celebrities and indeed the original pop-art of the 1950s, the artists in Going Pop utilise their original styles and techniques of art-making as a means of both exploring and satirising these pop references.

Opening on the 30th March with a private view at the gallery, Going Pop will continue until the 9th April 2016. Going Pop is privileged to include visiting US-based artist Elisabetta Fantone to show alongside our exhibiting UK-based artists. Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Elisabetta's passion for performance art has led her to excel in both modelling and acting, as well as a successful artistic practice. Tremendously inspired by the Pop Art of the 50's, 60's & 70's, Elisabetta's paintings recreates famous portraits of iconic music and movie stars. Colour is at the heart of her work, as she fills each canvas with carefully orchestrated shades and tints, creating images that leave a soothing sense of pleasure to the observer. Elisabetta has presented several of her pop-art portrait collections and is now highly sought after among celebrities for her commissioned pieces. Some of her most recent celebrity clients include personalities such as Muhammad Ali, Celine Dion & the Ka rdashians to name a few.