The artist Lucinda Rogers is delighted to announce an exhibition of new and recent work at Rook Lane Arts in Frome, throughout May 2016.

‘Industrious: Drawings of workspace in London & Somerset’, will build on Rogers’ longstanding interest in industrial spaces as engines of urban communities, frequently now under threat from controversial redevelopment. A small number of Rogers’ drawings of Tottenham, previously shown as part of the London Festival of Architecture in June 2015, will be included in the show. The main part of ‘Industrious’ will be new material drawn on site in London and around Frome, a town packed with artisans and independent businesses.

Enjoying a commanding position in Frome, Rook Lane is a unique space for art, architecture, performance and education housed in a restored chapel dating from 1707. In addition to a dynamic yearlong program of events, Rook Lane Chapel is also home to NVB Architects.

Lucinda Rogers is primarily a ‘reportage’ artist, drawing from life as a witness and reporter. She has built a significant international reputation as a chronicler of both dazzling urban landscapes and as a poignant chronicler of dusty workshops and their unsung working communities.

Recording straight from eye to paper, Rogers immerses herself in an environment, often for six hours at a stretch, which gives her mark-making a spontaneous intensity. With pen, wash and graphite, Rogers records the intimate details and broad vistas of changing cityscapes from London to New York, from Los Angeles to Marrakech. A longtime resident of East London, Rogers’ work has contributed much to the Spitalfields Life blog in her powerful, instantly recognizable style.

Alongside her work as an artist, Rogers has a prolific career in illustration, appearing regularly in UK broadsheets such as The Independent, where she drew The Weasel column for many years, The Times, The Guardian, The LA Times, the New Yorker and many more. Commissions have also been undertaken for countless companies from the National Theatre to British Airways and The Royal Academy of Arts.

Rogers recently contributed to Tom Dixon’s new magazine ‘Tomorrow’ with commissioned drawings of some of London’s small industries and makers, and she will feature in the May issue of House & Gardens magazine.

On the evening of May 17th, Lucinda Rogers will give a talk about the ‘Industrious’ exhibition at Rook Lane Arts. Eventbrite tickets will be available via the Rook Lane website.