Cécile Chaput develops a singular creative process, through installation and sculpture (...). The artist has developed a unique lexicon consisting of a vocabulary of forms and materials emblematic of The Glorious Thirty. With sensitivity and poetry Cécile seeks for or rather tracks, Formica, linoleum, PVC items, floral wallpaper and kitsches paintings. From these elements, (...) the artist composes a rhythm of shapes and colors resulting spatial and temporal experiences. Kurt Shcwitters spoke of secret musical architecture.

The concept of the Frankfurt Kitchen and Chantal Akerman ‘s filmJeanne Dielman, 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles are two important pillars in the research and the artist's inspirations. Cécile is curious of that moment when things twist, surprise us, and challenge an alleged logical order of things. As part of group exhibitions, the artist often takes the party to place her installations in a corner. This trick allows her to create a strange feeling of imbalance in which we find the idea of ​​floating, developed by El Lissitzky through the model of a three-dimensional space which he named The proun. This first exhibition offers to Cécile the opportunity to invest and transform the entire white cube. In this, The detonate(d) room marks a real evolution, an essential step in her work.

Extracts from Aurélie Faure’s text aka Stella Katarina