The Blur in Between is an exhibition about the practices that occur without division of discipline between those historically demarcated as either art or design: the blurry areas between fields of contemporary art, architecture, industrial design, craft, digital art, fashion, publishing and typography.

Design and art were not originally perceived as discrete disciplines and separate absolutes. Technē is an early Greek term that encompasses both craftsmanship and art, before art was deemed disparate from design in terms of design’s quotidian functional object production and art’s increasingly delineated aesthetic or conceptual value.

The exhibition demonstrates the operation and methodology of functional design in art making, alongside conceptual design that questions both form and aesthetics. The works do not exist exclusively as conceptual design strategies for object production; they evade a singular, definitive functional or aesthetic purpose. Contemporary process-based practices have become analogous to design production systems, merging and existing in the blur between.

The Blur in Between is curated by Kristy Trinier