Skiing was introduced in Lebanon since the early 19th century by Lebanese engineer Ramez Ghazzaoui, and since then it has been remarkably developing locally and regionally. The sport is becoming more and more popular among the Lebanese and across the Middle East; and the few but astounding slopes of the region, such as in Iran and Turkey, have become prominent ski tourism destinations. However, The Cedars ski resort in northern Lebanon is a unique ski attraction as the mountainous slopes offer much more than just a skiing experience.

The slopes of the Cedars are located on an altitude over 2000 meters, which make them a panoramic window overlooking the Ouadi Qadisha (the Holy Valley) as well as the Mediterranean Sea that emerges in the horizon on a clear sunny day. The breathtaking scenery absorbs you to a dream-like setting where skiing becomes also an act of mediation establishing an authentic connection between you and nature. Feeling the powdery snow when skiing down the hill amid a vastness of whiteness resembles a fairy trip in the clouds and bares you of all the worries you might have carried with you that you become as light as a feather surrendering to the whims of a breeze. The burning muscles of your feet tease the coldness of the snow beneath them to reach the bottom of a challenging steep slope, and the fresh air flowing into your lungs makes the experience even more revitalizing.

In addition to the transcending aspect of the place, the vigorous local community of the cedars is a remarkable down-to-earth facet that makes each day you spend there a memorable one. The lively spirit of the youths, teenagers and kids roaming the place fills you with energy and entice you to ski one lap after the other. The elders there are no less excited as their different skiing styles further enrich your experience and encourage you to take new challenges. The slopes accommodate all levels of skiers as beginners, average and professional skiers all find the right slope to make the best of their day. The higher you go, the more enjoyable is the trip in the lift and the more exhilarating is the slide down from the mountain peak.

Since its establishment, the resort hosted hundreds of national and international tournaments and events such as the “Semaine Internationale du Ski aux Cedres”, and it attracted ski enthusiasts and champions from all over the world. The numerous chalets and hotels are convenient to any visitor and they offer nothing less than abundant hospitality. The weather and altitude at which the resort is located contribute to extending the skiing season up until early spring, which is when they organize a series of epic night skiing over several weekends involving uplifting parties, stargazing and adventurous skiing experiences.

Furthermore, the Cedars trip is not just about being on the slopes. People seek the resort for diverse outdoor winter activities such as snowshoeing, snowmobile riding or merely enjoying the chills of the snow under the warmth of a sunny sky. The resort is also neighboring the cultural and historical village Bcharreh, hometown of renowned Lebanese author Gibran Khalil Gebran, and it goes without saying that the slopes overlook a world heritage, the famous ancient Cedars forest. On top of all such attractions, the trip to the Cedars is an adventure in and of itself for those coming from coastal areas, as you get to pass through a dozen of beautiful historical villages before you reach your destination such as Kusba, Turza, Hasroun and Bazoun. An amazing sightseeing experience uplifts your spirit with every turn you take on the way until your awe culminates at the unique Cedars slopes.

While skiing is in itself an uplifting activity bearing memorable experiences wherever you may seek it, the Cedars resort is where you get to feel the weight of your body on a heaven-like earth and the lightness of your spirit in a limitless horizon. It is where you get to genuinely connect with nature and unconventionally socialize with people. It is where you get to see the fine line between heaven and earth on a promising horizon!