The Minster Gallery is delighted to present a new collection of works by very talented French artist, Marc-Antoine Goulard. A multifaceted artist, who is continually developing and exploring his artistic expression, his beautiful, unique works intrigue and captivate the viewer. With technical ability and dedication to painting, he creates a compelling vision of colour and calmness whilst enticing and stimulating his audience.

Goulard draws inspiration directly from nature; rather than re-creating a landscape on a canvas, he aims to express its energy and essence. Where some people see places and things, he is stimulated by light, form, and emotional response to his surroundings. Sometimes his paintings contain elements that are almost recognizable, although he often makes the decision to obscure certain attributes, pushing the final image further toward abstraction.

The varying colours and subtle network of shadows and light that are revealed through the layers, project a sense of atmosphere and tension that draws the viewer into the mystical and mysterious. At this point, it is my hope that what begins as a visual experience transcends to a deeper emotional journey.

Goulard’s style explores the intimate relationship between nature, art, modernist ideas and musical composition. On a material level, there is an innate rhythm to his process. Birchwood panels are meticulously prepped using three coats of water- based glue and two coats of gesso to provide a rich surface texture. His process of applying paint with trowel and knife in very fine layers, and then manipulating it on the panel’s surface, works to reveal a natural harmony between tool and medium.

Born in France in 1964, Marc-Antoine Goulard began his career as a classical musician. He studied the flute and composition at the Paris Conservatory of Music where he graduated with honours. In 1985, he left France for the USA to study saxophone and jazz at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. While developing his performing arts skills, he began to explore plastic arts and was intrigued by the common foundation of tone and composition in music and painting. What began as a diversion soon commanded his time and interest. He accepted a residency at Josef and Anni Albers Foundation in Connecticut, where he transitioned from being a professional musician to being an artist. Marc-Antoine’s work was first exhibited in Boston in 1990. Since then, he has exhibited his work in Paris, LA, New York, Switzerland and London. His work is found in prestigious collections throughout Europe and America.

The Minster Gallery, which hosts this exhibition in London, is situated at the heart of Winchester, Hampshire. The Gallery is a five-minute walk from the train station and is easily found off the Square facing the main entrance of the Cathedral on Great Minster Street.