Fotofever is born from the will to create a platform to promote contemporary photography and video. through a pointed selection each edition carries the values of fotofever: daring, passion, and sharing.

November 2011: 1st edition in paris with 40 gallerie and 11.500 visitors. October 2012: 2nd edition launched in the european capital, brussels, with 60 galleries presented in 4 sections: galleries (50), young (10 galleries under 3 years old), video and editors.

Fotofever explores the diversity of photography and video art of today while also supporting the young generation and spreading interest among new collectors. Cécile schall, founder and director of fotofever, has an ambition to launch a fair on every continent through making fotofever paris a springboard for its international development.

From 4-7 october, in the heart of europe, tour & taxis turns into a temple of photography and welcomes galleries, collectors, and institutions alike to live intensely and together celebrate our passion for photography in a fiery atmosphere.

Infused with talent, fotofever explores the diversity of today’s imagery, from numeric art to video, showcasing renowned artists as well as exciting newcomers and sparking the vocation of collecting. 60 European galleries will exhibit the latest works of their artists at Tour & Taxis, the spectacular turn of the century complex on the banks of the Brussels-Charleroi Canal right in the heart of the European capital. The galleries come from 16 countries such as Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Spain or the UK.

Among them Eduard Planting (Amsterdam), Fifty One Fine Art Photography (Antwerp), Pacy Contemporary (Brescia), Nka *Photography (Brussels), Rothamel (Frankfurt), Camara Oscura Galerie de Arte (Madrid), Paris – Beijing (Paris), Raum Mit Licht (Vienna) and Asymetria (Warsaw). The photographers to be shown include big names such as Terence Donovan, William Klein, Douglas Kirkland, Saul Leiter, Munkásci, Jean-Marie Périer, Sandy Skoglund and Alex Webb as well as newcomers such as French Sacha Goldberger, Spanish Lola Guerrera, Dutch Ellen Kooi, Chinese Lu Yanpeng and Austrian Marko Zink. Also to be featured: Russian Oleg Dou (International Photography Award 2007/08/09), German Hans-Christian Schink (Real Photography Award 2008) and French Olivier Valsecchi (Husselblad Master in Fine Art 2012).

«Fotofever is the fruit of an osmosis between a curious public, the involvement of passionate gallerists and great trust accorded by renowned institutions and partners», states founder Cécile Schall, who worked for years with Will Ramsay, founder of AAF and co-founder of Art Hong Kong and Pulse.

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