Alberta Pane gallery is delighted to present the second solo show of the French artist Marie Lelouche at the gallery. The title of the exhibition refers to her last installation, developed in collaboration with several institutional and private partners and presented until December 13th 2015 at the Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains in Tourcoing, France.

A title as an invitation: I am walking in… The invitation in taking the place of who is composing with offered elements.

In the space, five sculptures of human size that we imagine as totems, mock-ups or packages. Their status is not clearely defined, especially because the textures that decorate them, like a dressing of the matter, seem to confound their forms, in order to benefit the experience of their surfaces.

At disposal, some headphones that will make the visitors feel a sonorous creation made of continuous crackling. That makes the echo of the textures on the volumes, that provokes the same sensation of repetition.

Walking, moving into the space, another dimension superimposes on this sound/volume sensation. In fact, result of an interactive device, the sound creation changes immediately: there are the same sounds, the same composition, but it seems to be diffused in another space. For each new volume, a new sound space is created. So, everything talks about our relation with volumes. How to feel today their space, their materiality, the emptiness that they generate, the offscreens that feed them? The creation and mediation tools of our society changed our way of perception. Virtuality and reality are mixing up in order to show us this relation with the world. I am walking in proposes to the spectator a mixed reality universe, with volumes as anchorage points.