Language is the main communicative means. Text as its visual representation is constantly present in all spheres of culture. Any statement by visual art is somehow limited by language, while having a textual structure, and requiring a specific sequence of reading. In contemporary art, the text is intending to become a means of plastic expression.

The project raises the question of text and image merging, and text writing as one of the practices of contemporary art. The text not only becomes a media — it spontaneously fills out the artwork, creating a certain narrative environment, and referring the reader to the external conceptual fields. Each text at the exhibition is not a single statement, but only a fragment of the universal verbal and textual system.

The exhibition features 25 authors, grounding their works over the textual or linguistic basis. Among the artists are both Moscow conceptualists (Dmitry Prigov, Uriy Albert, Andrey Filippov) and contemporary European and Russian artists working within the raised problematics.

Participants: Nikita Alexeev, Uriy Albert, Nadezhda Anfalova, Babi Badalov, Evgeniy Dobrovinskiy, Ilyia Grishaev, Ludmila Konsatntinova, Olya Kroytor, Maxim Ksuta, Georgiy Litichevsky, Semen Motolianets, Denis Patrakeev, Dmitriy Prigov, Tania Mouraud, Georgyi Ostretsov, Charles Sandison, Marina Smorodinova, Leonid Tishkov, Anna Tolkacheva, Andrey Filippov, Alexandr Tsikarishvili, Victor Umnov, Natalia Fedorova, Dmitriy Shagin, Kristina Yatkovskaya.

Curator — Elizaveta Shagina.