Terminator Genysis

It’s no ground breaking event in cinema but it isn’t a waste of time. If you’re willing to shed yourself of the previous movies then this will be an exciting adventure wrapping up the old daring to be bold and start something new.
Star rating: 3/5
Why watch it?: It is worth the price of admission to see Arnold back.


I watched this move so many times (Five times I think) and each time the cinema roared with laughter through it all. A worthy inclusion to the Despicable Me pantheon. I can’t wait until it’s on Netflix.
Star rating: 5/5
Why watch it?: To laugh until you look like a minion yourself.

Ted 2

A protagonist is only really interesting when he is experiencing some sort of trouble or attempting to defeat wrong or achieve a goal. Watching Ted do it is fresh and fun despite some haggard jokes.
Star rating: 3.5/5
Why watch it?: It’s not a fresh premise anymore but it isn’t a tired one either… yet.

South Paw

I have a conspiracy theory to propose; The writers wrote a boxing film and intended to KO the audience. Heavy, dark and relentless South Paw delivers on an emotional level but runs the risk of fatiguing its viewers but perhaps a risk worth taking by the end of the movie.
Star rating: 4/5
Why watch it?: So you can play ‘hold back the tears’ and lose.

Inside Out

I don’t care what others have said, it’s not an original idea. What I do care about though is Reilly, the main character whose emotions have to navigate a changing landscape as Reilly adapts to change. It’s a journey that had my feelings running around too, the intention of the writers I’m sure.
Star rating: 4.5/5
Why watch it?: Contrary to popular opinion its main idea is not fresh but this cliché is cooked and seasoned so well you can hardly tell and nor would you care.

Hot Pursuit

I enjoyed this film more than I should have. The first 10 minutes between the two characters feels forced but as the movie progresses so does their banter building to great quotable crescendos.
Star rating: 2.5/5
Why watch it?: For the buddy banter. Nothing we haven’t seen but hilarious once in full swing.

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation

This film has the BEST supporting female character in AGES. It’s one of the many great things about this nearly perfect film. Cruise is good, the IMF team have way more to do, the plot is simple yet intricate without being smarmy and confusing and the whole thing is shot beautifully.
Star rating: 5/5
Why watch it?: To watch the regeneration of a franchise done the right way-with class.

Fantastic Four

The really sad thing is this movie shows so much potential but suffers greatly by not fulfilling it. With a slew of missed opportunities this movie is left empty with nothing to enjoy. That being said the soundtrack is unique but with a talented cast wasted due to poor writing and horrible editing, all the things that should have made this movie great are left out. There is no real character development, no snappy dialogue to help the stellar cast and no battle royale in the third act. Dissapointing.
Star rating: 1.5/5
Why watch it?: To take notes complete with diagrams and paperclip it to a scathing letter posted to Fox.


This is a cut above all the other Adam Sandler movies but that doesn’t mean that this is a great accomplishment in film. Okay, I’m being mean; it is ambitious, it is fun and very colourful but I can’t help but notice a lack of development- everywhere. The synopsis wasn’t explored or mined for its true core potential despite the rich material it’s drawing from and that’s what stops this movie from being a five star fun fest.
Star rating: 2.5/5
Why watch it?: To see the missed opportunities slip by like that mushroom does in Super Mario…


Here’s an example of a movie that I’ve seen before but with a different title. Perhaps it’s just comedy fatigue but I’ve grown tired of this particular exercise in the comedysphere. On the flipside the film does quite a bit to ostracise itself from it’s many older and funnier siblings but doesn’t always get the attention it feels it deserves. Unfortunately it’s quite forgettable. Except for Lebron, Lebron was hilarious. He and Bill Hader were more memorable and interesting. Amy Chumer does great with what she’s given it’s just we’ve seen it all before.
Star rating: 2.5/5
Why watch it?: While it’s no train wreck it’s not a perfect film either but its fun.

Paper Towns

We’ve seen so many coming of age teenage flicks I’m sure but John Green’s iterations of the well-worn path is refreshingly honest, didactic and unique. Having said that I feel as though something is missing and it isn’t Margo.
Star rating: 3.5/5
Why watch it?: To time travel and relive your angst-filled teenage years.

Absolutely Anything

I went into this expecting absolutely anything and I got better and better because that’s what the film does-gets better and better. It isn’t just a bunch of laughs, it’s an intelligent look at topics like freewill, power and so much more.
Star rating: 4/5
Why watch it?: So you can be pleasantly surprised at the depth. Thoughtful intelligent humour.


I always felt as though the trailer was showing me ‘the best bits’ which accentuate its original slapstick material and when I finally watched the film it did feel stale at times. Yet, there was enough novelty about certain scenarios, that when seen as a collective, help separate Vacation from its contemporaries without being pretentious. This film knows what it is and does it well. That’s what popcorn movies are-re-watchable future 9pm flicks. This one’s probably 10pm actually…a lot of adult jokes.
Star rating: 2.5/5
Why watch it?: Slapstick and grotesque at times but does just about enough to perhaps be remembered…I think.

Bad Education

Another movie I enjoyed but didn’t love but that’s okay it’s a tough time of year to compete. Filled with loads of laughs it’s a perfect movie to go along to with mates. If you loved The Inbetweeners you will love this.
Star rating: 3/5
Why watch it?: Savour the gang one more time in their element, for those who’ve seen the show and those who haven’t perhaps be inspired to watch it.

Hitman Agent 47

Memorable enough and full of action, I know and the movie knows it isn’t here to win an Oscar, it’s here to entertain. The question is: did it do that? Yes it did, although the pace at times seemed off but it makes up for it with some unique action scenes which the cast perform with above average dexterity.
Star rating: 3/5
Why watch it?: Because it’s worth watching at least 1 mindless action flick a year. At least 1 people!

We Are Your Friends

Watch enough films and you begin to see uncanny similarities. There isn’t anything ground breaking here with themes and tropes I’ve seen in pitch perfect 2 and Straight Outta Compton. The DJ aspect of the movie sets itself apart but this isn’t enough to save it from being ‘okay’ rather than ‘great’ which it could have been if it focused on its niche for longer.
Star rating: 3/5
Why watch it?: Get won over and fall in love with techno music. No seriously I’m a fan now.

Straight Outta Compton

Chronicling the meteoric rise of hip hop greats NWA. The film has perfect music, visual and story. The soundtrack is full of tunes the group and its team are famous for together and individually. The movie is shot gorgeously with many scenes lasting in the memory way after the credits roll. The story is so absorbing you don’t really want it to end as there is so much more to see but it does. A must see.
Star rating: 5/5
Why watch it?: Witnessing the genesis of some of Hip Hops greatest is inspirational and at times moving even.

The Man From U.N.C.L.E

There have been few movies this year that have impressed me but this is one of them. Granted this movie isn’t for everyone, but Guy Ritchie and Lionel Wigram prove that in a saturated roster full of spy movies galore this year, this one can still stand out. I’m something of a sucker for the 60’s so this was always at an advantage making me somewhat biased. That being said the television series it is based on never really grabbed my attention when I did watch it years ago. This film has convinced me to go back and watch the series. It’s quite nice to see a Russian protagonist for once, usually they are villains in the movies playing a gangster of some kind and it does get boring. Armie Hammer plays Illya Kuryakin, the muscle with anger issues. His Russian accent is great, not perfect but definitely almost. Henry Cavil throws off the weight of his superman cape to play smooth and suave CIA agent Napoleon Solo. Alicia Vikander and Elizabeth Debicki play equally strong roles balancing the movie despite having two leading men. The plot is predictable but passable given the time era that the movie takes place in. Daniel Pemberton’s soundtrack is a perfect fit for the movie, I was forced to listen to it on Spotify in a repeat loop. Finally the camera work is different but still has a guy Ritchie finger print, the balance between experimental and well-worn working formulaic does wonders for the movie. A hilarious and witty script filled with action provides constant laughs and entertainment in equal measure. Having seen this five times now I can’t recommend it enough.
Star rating: 5/5 plus KUDOS (The 60’ has never looked so good)
Why watch it?: Who doesn’t want 60’s fashion advice and great music wrapped in well-paced action packed spy thriller with fun to spare? Who would refuse that?

No Escape

Owen Wilson is believable as the family man trying to save his family. I hoped that he’d demonstrate his range by doing serious convincingly and as he deals with situations that seem to get deadlier you buy it. Camera work is a tad bit disorienting but I guess that’s the idea, induced sudden threat. Sterling Jerins and Claire Geare the two daughters steal some scenes along with Lake Bell who plays their mother. Pierce Brosnan has his time in the sun too, it’s a great team effort and a movie I’d watch again.
Star rating: 4/5
Why watch it?: Watch Owen Wilson prove everyone wrong about not being able to play a serious role.

The Transporter Refueled

I was really worried about this movie, mainly because of the absence of Jason Statham. With a trilogy already under his belt he seemed like the automatic starting point for a fourth movie but instead we got Ed Skrein. Am I upset about this? No. He had the whole movie to prove himself and he, in my opinion, did really well. He executed the stunts and action scenes well and his acting was good. It will take some getting used to, very much like getting used to a new bond or a new Doctor. What helped this movie was the father son relationship which was a nice novelty to include giving the series something fresh to focus on and Ray Stevenson is every bit Ed Skrein’s equal, stealing scenes at times. Loan Chabanol, Gabriela Wright, Tatiana pajkovic are entertaining. However what is entertaining isn’t always ‘good’ in everyone’s book. This is a movie you’ll have to watch for yourself and judge. The plot is easy enough to follow and has enough twists and hoodwinks to keep things exciting. My verdict-it’s a confident start, let’s hope they don’t run out of fuel in the sequel.
Star rating: 4/5
Why watch it?: Laugh at the over the top stunts (you’ll know what I mean) and enjoy a fun movie worth its weight in pop-corn.

Me Earl and The Dying Girl

Poignant. That’s the word that comes to mind. This ball of quirky, cinematic ‘oddballness’, is weird and unashamed of itself and you can’t help but love the movie for it. It has these weird characters tackle visceral situations and challenges and the result is a tragicomedy that you wish was longer because you wish to spend more time with all of them but as they say -all good things…
Star rating: 5/5
Why watch it?: Incredibly funny, incredibly touching as well as visually eloquent- it’s very hard not to enjoy this… or cry watching this.

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

This movie begins where the other left off. Fast paced, easy to understand (except for all the bits that they refuse to expand on because of some impending sequel), The scorch trials passes it’s trial by fire by being cinema worthy and delivering just enough.
Star rating: 3.5/5
Why Watch this?: Watch The Gladers run about-again. Thought it was getting old? It kind of is but it’s entertaining enough that we almost don’t notice because of the new settings, new characters and new motivations.


This movie is filled to the brim with talented actors and actresses that only bolster Tom Hardy’s performance, a tour de force. The story of The Kray Twins hasn’t been done like this before but this will clearly be the new favourite. A great soundtrack and perfect set designs transports you to the 60’s as you watch this epic unfold. On at least four occasions during the movie I forgot that Reggie and Ronnie were actually played by the same person(I’m being honest)-If that isn’t testament to the great performance I don’t know what is.
Star Rating: 5/5 plus KUDOs (Tom Hardy has to get an award for this rendition)
Why Watch It?: Count the amount of times you forget Ronnie and Reggie are played by the same bloke. If you make it a drinking game I’d wager you’d get drunk.