The Minster Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new paintings by Richard Adams, “Artist in Residence” at Winchester College. Richard Adams is one of New Zealand’s leading painters and jazz musicians.

Richard’s paintings are very much sought after and his work is held by many Private and Corporate Collections. He has had more than 18 solo shows in New Zealand, Asia and Europe.

Richard Adams’ work hovers between the abstract painting that is derived from the natural and that from entirely non-representational form. His earlier works clearly represented the landscape around him but now his influences are less easily identifiable, their origins hidden from us making us search and delve into his work, holding us and causing us to be enraptured in analysing what is before our eyes.

This new collection of paintings are of vertical and horizontal coloured plains, inspired by the vast landscapes of his homeland and his love of music. His work is spontaneous, he is the guide to the brush rather than the master, and has no preconceived ideas as to how the end result should be, allowing an image to evolve. His paintings also reflect his love of music and training as a musician. Some say they are like “a musical variation on a theme”.

“I paint when not playing the jazz violin. The two go hand in hand. One sets the other on fire. When I feel good about my playing at night, the next day in my studio the painting always goes well. Painting should improve as the artist matures, just as in jazz the more you play, the more you understand the value of improvisation and a greater sense of confidence can emerge. This allows the artist to make a direct statement from within.”

The Minster Gallery is situated in the heart of Winchester, Hampshire, and is a five minute walk from the train station. It is easily found off The Square facing the main entrance of the Cathedral on Great Minster Street. It is open from 10am until 5.30 pm, Monday to Saturday, and otherwise by appointment.