This month Gallery 286 continues its programme of Light Art in celebration of the International Year of Light with two artists for whom the manipulation of Light is at the core of their practice.

Iñaki Beguiristain has become one of the most highly regarded holographers in the world for his ability to record precise and beautifully executed ‘pseudo-colour’ images, using a technique in which skillful manipulation of the holographic emulsion can produce a strikingly realistic perception of natural colour. After years of experimentation, Iñaki has now perfected a True Colour technique, using a very complex optical system which involves the use of three lasers (Red, Green and Blue) to expose separate laser transmission masters for each colour component. All the object information, including its natural colours, is then transferred from each of the masters onto a single silver halide panchromatic glass plate. There are many stages and elements required to perfect this process but the end result speaks for itself.

This exhibition also features a recent series of abstract images. A new concept in light sculpture, LIGHT-KUBEs are "multi dimensional works combining pure holography with the latest in precision lighting and filtering technologies, to give the ultimate in contemporary volumetric light synergy.”

All Iñaki’s holograms are produced using classic analogue methods with no digitisation at any stage of the process.

Born in London, Elizabeth Sandford Richardson is a performance artist working with a cross range of media, including experimental darkroom photography, lenticulars, and holography. Her performance captures the idea of photography, subsequently refining her own visual and conceptual vocabulary that emerged through her focus on using the darkroom, holography and lenticulars performativity. Challenging the notion of what can be seen as a performance space.

‘Performergrams’ are images created in a darkroom, through using sound, light and photographic paper. The basic principle is to convert sound in to light formations, to then translate that light (Split in to high, mid and low tones) onto photographic paper casting an image of the sound, after developing. This new series of works depicts ‘Sound Landscapes’ of London town, including Waterloo, Camden Town, Portobello Road, Bethnal Green, Soho and Brixton.

Elizabeth's work can be found across Europe in public and private art galleries. She performs world-wide and is currently living and working in London, UK, based at The London Museum of Water and Steam.