Jealous Gallery is excited to announce ‘Anything Goes’, the explosive three person show from Jess Wilson, Kate Gibb and Mr Penfold. The three well-established illustrators and printmakers are brought together by their fascination with colour and a practice of ongoing experimentation with form. A mixture of print and sculptural works, the show’s vibrant presence is set to excite the senses, meanwhile implying a commentary on contemporary culture.

Jess Wilson uses crayons, paints, inks and paper to illustrate humorous daily encounters. The charming imagery executed via meticulous line making and radiant colour is not merely appealing to the eye, it is anecdotal, perceptive, informative and often satirical. Her playful illustrations have been in great demand across a sea of world-renowned organizations from British Vogue and Lacoste to Coca Cola.

Mr Penfold works as an artist and designer. His work is influenced by skateboarding graphics, classical and formal abstraction as well as the very cities he has resided in. The emerging images evolve on a variety of surfaces, ranging from paper and canvas, to sculpture and street walls. The artist is engrossed in bold overpowering outlines entwined with fluidity of paint and a personal approach to colour. Mr Penfold has worked with magazines, record labels such as Hospital Records, and brands such as Diesel and Nike.

Kate Gibb’s work combines the figurative with the abstract via a continual stream of playful experimentation, primarily incorporating colour, pattern, texture and layering. She has spent the last fiIeen years exploring the silkscreen process and is commercially renowned for her sleeve artwork within the music industry. Most notably so for her long standing relationship with The Chemical Brothers. Non-commercially she continues with her intuitive approach to printmaking, allowing chance and happy accidents to guide, inform & deepen her process.