Demi Kaia presents her second solo exhibition entitled “The Heart Wants What it Wants”, The Black Museum, at The opening of the exhibition will be on Wednesday, October 7th at 20:00-22:00.

Art historian and curator Christopher Marinos writes at the exhibition's note:

“…The protagonists in the new works of Demi Kaia exude a melancholic ecstasy like that of the heroes of Mandiargues in the story “Le sang de l’agneau”, included in his book Le Musée Noir (1946). The subjects that trigger Kaia’s interest so as to render them in painting are more or less familiar to fans of erotic literature: man’s association with animals, to the point of sexual attraction; the miracle of the nude body and its fetishism; nudity and its theological connotations; the common nature of eroticism and sanctity. Add to these the artist’s interest in the narcissism of self-photography —the notorious ‘selfies’ that inundate the social networks on the internet— and you get quite a clear picture of what her painting is about…

…Ultimately, Demi Kaia sketches the portrait of a deviation — sexual, emotional, psychological, social. The dark bliss that permeates most of her works is just the dark side of success, of celebrity, of the public exposure of the self and the (photographed) body. Her influences, the sources that underlie her latest paintings, cover the span from photographic self-portraits to the side-effects of sexual paroxysm…”

Translation: T.Moser