Eryn O'Neill was born in Ottawa, ON. She moved to Halifax to pursue a BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design (NSCAD University). She returned to her hometown of Ottawa in 2008 where she works as a full time artist. Since graduating her work has been exhibited in commericial galleries as well as Art Expo's and Festivals in Ottawa and Toronto.

In urban settings, nature can be overlooked in favour of density and development. In these paintings, I have chosen sites that have made a conscious effort to incorporate a relationship with nature into urban spaces.

These spaces offer a visual balance between the manufactured landscape and the natural environment, and between unlikely combinations of shapes, forms and materials. Nature is determined to reclaim the land from manmade structures, which provides tension in the scenes. I tried to emphasize this balance with creative perspectives that capture the intersection of these two themes.

This series provided a welcome challenge both technically and visually. Much of my previous work has focused on urban settings, and particularly their manmade features. This series builds on previous work, which considered aspects of the High Line Park in New York City, but it is my first series to address the intersection of manmade and natural elements closer to home.