From 26 September to 26 December 2015, VivoEquidem presents its collective exhibition J’AI MAL ! J’AI PEUR !

There is no doubt that at the beginning of the 21st century, we are full of incertitude: facing economic, political, social, spiritual, technological and ecological crises. The world is in the process of profound and rapid change where all human structures collide. A change of cycle, a change of era, or a change of air ? It is quite obvious that today, people have no peace of body and no peace of mind.

VivoEquidem has used this phenomenon as a basis for the exhibition's projects, where participants are invited to experiment in their own particular way with two main themes, fear and/or suffering.

Until the end of the year, the propositions made by artists will either be presented live in the gallery, or in a dematerialised way on VivoEquidem's website.

The idea of the project is to capture a moment, like a time capsule, which, in the near or distant future, will help us recognise and understand how pain and fear precipitated, chemically speaking, in a world pushing forward with inexorable entropy.

For the opening on Saturday 26 September, work by the following artists will be shown: Élisée Armet (video), Geoffroy Bogaert (drawings), Yves Buraud (graphics), Adrien Dasilva (object), Isabelle Lutz (video), Anaïs Lelièvre (video), Yusuké Offhause (photographs), Dominique Torrente (textiles), Malvina Sauvage (installation), Daniel Van de Velde (text), Claire Chalet (installation), Amandine Zaïdi (video).

Three performances will take place on the same day:

  • J’AI MAL À, text-spoken word/choreography-dance/video by Nathalie Blanc with Chiharu Otake

  • RUE LE PEN, a reading by the actor Emmanuel Curtil of a new work by Yves Buraud

  • ZOMBIE ! a musical performance (which will hurt and frighten you) by Nicolas Kantes, of the group Sporto Kantes, with extracts from Roméro's film, « Zombie » (1978)

During November Anaïs Lelièvre will invite us to a street art creation in Paris for a CLOC sculpture-performance.

Other works and events will take place during the 12 weeks of the exhibition.