An exhibition of three original works from each of twenty-one contemporary painters who use watercolour as part of their practice, curated by Simon Carter.

This exhibition focuses on the work of a selection of contemporary British artists who have reputations for exhibiting paintings in a range of media. It charts contemporary activity and demonstrates how changing attitudes to painting in the 21st century have influenced the use of watercolour.

The exhibition provides a fascinating insight into how watercolour as a medium has evolved. While these artists share no overall artistic tendency, this survey gives a good sense of various strategies adopted in contemporary painting in both figurative and abstract approaches to subject matter and technique. The works shown here cover a wide technical range, demonstrating the versatility of the medium.

Exhibiting artists: David Ainley, Lucy Austin, Claudia Bose, Julian Brown, Simon Carter, Louise Cattrell, Roy Cleary, Andrew Crane, James Faure Walker, Susie Hamilton, Marguerite Horner, Barbara Howey, Mark Jay, Kelly Jayne, Matthew Krishanu, Hannah Maybank, James Quin, Melanie Russell, Julie Umerle, Jacqueline Utley and Steven Walker.