Lucy Bell Gallery's exhibition, ON PAPER, curated by Jeffrey Louis Reed showcases the best in current, upcoming and established artists, both nationally and internationally.

Of this exhibition Reed Says: "I like making art on paper and decided to do a show, with much help from Lucy Bell and Alan Rankle, of just works on paper. The show has only one guideline, to be on paper. One artist has put a sculpture on a chunk of paper. That will do. The venue was important. Lucy Bell Fine Arts is the perfect size ( surprisingly big ) and has a great reputation for putting on innovative shows across all media. For Coastal Currents it will provide a memorable and wildly eclectic show".

US born Jeffrey Louis-Reed is a prolific artist, swimmer, composer/musician/DJ, and writer who [in turn] writes national columns, composes film soundtracks and DJ’s at some of the best clubs, festivals and events around the world.

He has recently installed works at RCA, Monday for Manorisms (alongside Pure Evil, Pablo Fiasco, Banksy). His work has had common themes for many years, the use of found objects, non art materials, found photographs, music and ephemera; the use of a restricted palette of off white gesso, black and red; heads drawn over heads, graphic bodies and corpuscular shapes, always referencing the materials painted on. This practice has extended into film, music, where he’s on most major international digital stores and streaming services like spotify; and above all an obsessive worth ethic where over 11,000 pieces were made last year.

Timed to coincide with the Coastal Currents Arts Festival the exhibition includes works by Oska Lappin, Rebecca Youssefi, Maslen Mehra, Danny Pockets, Alan Rankle, Cat Roissetter, Anders Moseholm, Mick Williamson, Vanya Balogh, Petri Ala-Maunus, Bella Land, Beverly Carter, Jason Williams, Charlotte Snook, Danny Mooney, Benja, Beverley Carter, Mick Williamson, Adrienne Hunter, Per Fronth, Shuby, Lester Magoogan, Disastronaut, Bent Holstein, Charlotte CHW, Jilliene Sellner, Catherine Balet, Anne Brenner, Judith Burrows, Billy Chainsaw, David Apps, The Connor Brothers, Petri Ala Maunus, Judy Parkinson, Kirsten Reynolds, Zoe Wheatley, Colin Gibson, Caroline Le Breton, Lynne Bingham.