Newly-created contemporary art network Curate It Yourself is teaming up with artist residency Villa Belleville to celebrate its launch with a debut show in September.

Hosted in the 400m2 hangar of the ancient factory La Forge, the four-days-event-exhibition is centered on the notion of the artist’s studio, conceived as a place characterized by a dual nature: the private and the public one. Thus the studio is not only considered as the private microcosm of the artists where they isolate themselves and give freedom to their creativity, but also as an open space for exchange. Interaction, interpersonal relations, social encounters, debates ceaselessly occur in the atelier, giving the starting point of the reflexion.

Collaborative methods of artistic creation are progressively becoming the norm in contemporary art. Such works prioritize the process over the final result and technical proficiency, as well as putting social engagement and community interaction above the artistic autonomy.

The selected works present different natures and intents: alongside the object-works and more traditional installations, several site-specific works will appear in the show. In addition, some artists will be working during the period of the exhibition, sharing their interests and skills, enhancing the concept of the laboratory of production.

Participating artists: Maxime Boutin, Célia Gondol, Paul Lahana, Gwendal Le Bihan, Edouard Lecuyer, Flavie L.T, Davide Mancini Zanchi, Benoît Ménard, Mountaincutters, Daniel Otero, Giorgia Severi, Beatriz Toledo, Maël Traïca.

CIY — Curate It Yourself ( is a network of young contemporary art professionals promoting artists born after 1980 through building a collection and curating exhibitions.

Villa Belleville is an artist residency of 20 studios in the Parisian dynamic neighborhood of Belleville.