Exploring the redemptive power of community and social exchange, Agathe Snow stages Stamina, a 24-hour film premiere and dance party at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum on August 20–21. Featuring live music by Donald Cumming, I.U.D., Onyx Collective, QTY, TV Baby, and more, the event will premiere Snow’s film Stamina (2015), which documents a clandestine 24-hour party hosted by the artist ten years ago in downtown New York.

Stamina is one of over a hundred works presented in Storylines: Contemporary Art at the Guggenheim, an exhibition that celebrates storytelling and narrative in the visual arts. The final weeks of Storylines will also include ongoing Monday night performances of artist duo Gerard & Kelly’s Timelining (2014), and two screenings of Matthew Barney’s CREMASTER cycle (1994–2002) in its entirety. Agathe Snow: Stamina Thursday, August 20–Friday, August 21 on Thursday Rotunda Floor Combining live music, film, and movement, Stamina continues Agathe Snow’s exploration of social interactions, rebellion, and the redemptive power of human ingenuity and community. In 2005, looking to capture the shared moments of the post–September 11 downtown scene, Snow planned and filmed a dance party with her friends and fellow artists in a loft on dusty Ann Street in Lower Manhattan. A decade later, on the occasion of Storylines, the footage has been made into a 24-hour film, revealing never-before-seen material celebrating the resilience of underground culture.

Premiering in the museum’s rotunda and serving as the center of another 24-hour event, Stamina will be accompanied by live music by Donald Cumming, QTY, TV Baby (formerly A.R.E. Weapons), Dev Hynes (of Blood Orange)performing with the Onyx Collective, and I.U.D. (Lizzi Bougatsos and Spencer Sweeney), along with music selected by DJs Eric Duncan and Ben Ruhe. Cash bar and light fare.

Gerard & Kelly: Timelining, Mondays, Through September 7, The duo Gerard & Kelly explores issues of identity and queerness through a performance-based practice. Recently acquired by the Guggenheim, Timelining features a series of paired performers involved in close relationships—romantic, familial, or otherwise. Moving through space in circular patterns, each couple takes turns reciting fragments of their personal histories from the present moment backward. On the evenings of these performances is Pay What You Wish. Matthew Barney: The CREMASTER Cycle Saturdays, August 8 and September 5, Peter B. Lewis Theater Matthew Barney’s epic CREMASTER cycle is a series of visually extravagant films offering a contemporary creation myth. For these day-long screenings, all five films are presented in order of their production, revealing the development of Barney’s unique approach to narrative and how he relates performance and film as intertwined mediums.