Entanglement exhibition in London is an extension of Esse et non Esse, Lucas´s one man show displayed earlier this year at the Historical Museum of Cartagena, in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. It is the product of an intense research period, in which the artist was concerned with understanding the quest for spiritual paths that results in the construction of consciousness.

‘Our universe is entangled at all levels in a fractal-like progression, from the very very small to the very very large. Mathematic and geometry languages allows us to visualize the symphony and communication that is present between different levels of reality.’ - Lucas Posada

‘The works of Lucas Posada inhabit different skins because through his work, the artist conjures the course of time with the circle as the unit of the cycle. Like the myths that in the end always go back to the beginning and the animal that eats its tail or the man who returns to ashes. His use of the spiral shape is a symbol of continuous movement which in a way addresses the course of life, The existence hidden deep as the source of the collective unconscious.’ - Ana Maria Escallon

The show is composed by several pieces including: a toroidal installation composed by a pointed head to pointed head arrangement of stupas; a series of paintings of upward and downward faces offering a probabilistic approach to reality; a group of relevant selected paintings key to Lucas´s 30 years of artistic research which show the evolution of his work, and a few transparent resin faces sculptures which are part of the whole arrangement.

In this exhibition, the 3D expression of the spiral allowed a journey of his poem -Temple to the Ego- to depict a picture of the et iology of consciousness. The spiral prolonged on the third dimension gives the symbol of the stupa, and is the regular path of perception of events in consciousness along the path of time. Each stupa is nothing else but a metaphor of the self, with all the diverse levels of being brought along.

“Within me lies a deep epistemological and metaphysical obsession to understand who I am. Along the way in that search, I managed to taste realities and transcend the ordinary experience of a mask erected under a skin and a body, an identity and an ego.” - Lucas Posada

The exhibition is curated by Sandra Higgins, Independent Art Advisor/Curator.

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