The artworks in the exhibition are a glimpse into Hurtado’s own subjectivity. As a 25 year old Chicano, Hurtado looks introspectively; his artwork depicts the various preoccupations of his livelihood in the greater Los Angeles area. Intima Introitum is a unique possibility to peak at instances of his artistic and personal journey thus far.

Co-curated by Dana Jazayeri, Marcas Gallery Director & Erika Hirugami, BA, Latin American Art Specialist and Visiting Curator; Intima Introitum will feature integral representations of the young artist’ life. As Jazayeri expressed, “Mat Hurtado is a flourishing young artist with an innate capacity for painting.” Intima Introitum will be an affair between Hurtado’s personal life and his rendering on canvas. Marcas Gallery is excited to be the foundation of his first solo exhibition.

Jazayeri is honored to Co-curate the exhibition with prominent Latin American Scholar and international Curator Erika Hirugami, BA. As she explains, “satirically making use of the Mexican playing game La Loteria (lottery), Hurtado deconstructs instances of his daily life and analyses those with a hint of humor and a critical perspective.”

In Hurtado’s own words “I dig deep and bare my heart on canvas.” Toying with everyday concerns, Hurtado asks that we too venture further into his Intima Introitum. Hurtado will be present at the opening reception.