This Summer, Lawrence Alkin Gallery in Soho brings together a diverse range of artists to form their annual group show - MIX. From 9 July, the New Compton Street space will display original works from their roster of contemporary and street artists alongside iconic pieces from world renowned names including Andy Warhol and Damien Hirst.

The aim of group shows is to provide an opportunity for people to come to the gallery and see the breadth of artists and artwork that are associated with the gallery. Due to the gallery's usual programme of showcasing solo projects, this is the perfect chance to see all of its artists in one go in one place.

Works on show from the following:

Jake Wood-Evans, Jessica Albarn, Miss Bugs, Andy Doig, Dan Baldwin, Magnus Gjoen, Banksy, Dave White, Ryan Callanan, Peter Blake, Tom French, Sepe, Nick Smith, Bonnie and Clyde, Maria Rivans, Damien Hirst, Ben Eine, Nick Walker, Andy Warhol, Static, Bernadette Despujols, Blek le Rat, Jacky Tsai, Candice Tripp, San Pierre, Esbe, Laura Keeble, Cosmo Sarson, Eelus.