Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane is delighted to present former Turner Prize nominee Stephen McKenna’s latest exhibition, Perspectives of Europe 1980-2014. This unique exhibition features works created throughout McKenna’s career, focusing specifically on cityscapes, parks and trees.

Perspectives of Europe 1980-2014 opens to the public at Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane on 23rd July. The artist’s deep interest in the structures which underlie the natural and built environment is displayed thematically in groups of paintings depicting classical columns, city ports and specific close-ups of verdant foliage.

Stephen McKenna has worked in several European cities and currently lives in County Carlow. This selection of paintings, from 1980 to the present, charts the artist’s experience of working in urban and rural environments and reveals his response to the cultural histories that form their identities.

Director, Barbara Dawson, said: “His is a keen and original vision which is informed by his metier –the millennia of Western mythology and its history. Alongside his paintings of cities, in this exhibition there is a focus on the artist’s love of nature in his depictions of foliage. He delights in opening his and our eyes to the poetry contained in their painterly representation ordinary and extraordinary in their compositional structures”.

This exhibition is presented in partnership with Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art, and features both national and international loans. It is open to the public until 4th October 2015. A fully illustrated catalogue is on sale in the bookshop detailing all works in both exhibitions.