Prepare for a style invasion as thousands of fashion industry professionals descend on Montreal this September 4 to 7, 2012 for the 23rd Montreal Fashion Week, a colourful event produced by Groupe Sensation Mode in partnership with P&G Beauty. Not only will the fashion world’s elite be on hand, but a few fortunate fashionistas will be able to get themselves one of the limited number of seats set aside for the general public to witness the latest trends first hand.

Montreal Fashion Week is a must-see event for the North American industry and above all, the perfect venue for launching major international collections. A stage for cultural expression, it celebrates the work of fashion artists, craftspeople and other creators with an effervescence all its own. At this fall’s Fashion Week, over 30 Montreal, Canadian and international designers will unveil their Spring-Summer 2013 collections.

For the very first time in its history, the event will be held at the Arsenal, a 40,000 square-foot former shipyard located in the up-and-coming Griffintown neighbourhood. The Arsenal went through various incarnations over the years before becoming the new contemporary art centre it is today. This impressive space will set off the highest fashions in style.

This season’s bold program features the creations of both renowned and up-and-coming designers. “We are very pleased with the hand-picked group of creators that will be showing at the 23rd edition of our event,” said Chantal Durivage, co-founder and co-president of Groupe Sensation Mode. “Presented in the heart of a grand and inspiring site, MFW will offer a distinct experience, attracting both national and international attention to the new collections.”

Those fortunate enough to find themselves in the midst of all the action will be treated to the creations of international designers Denis Gagnon, Rudsak and Ève Gravel, who will celebrate her label’s 10-year anniversary, as well as innovative collections, presented by Elle Québec, designed by MARTIN LIM, DUY, Tavan & Mitto and UNTTLD. Travis Taddeo, Anastasia Lomonova, Annie 50 and Anomal Couture, will impress audiences with their unique styles. Urban fashion with sleek, contemporary lines will also be featured through showings from Mélissa Nepton, Iris Setlakwe, Nisse, Symbiose by Hinda A. and Rachel Sin. The “Designer Début” events, presented by Métro newspaper, return once again this year, which were introduced to provide up-and-coming designers the unique opportunity to benefit from the MFW springboard and introduce people to their designs.

Designers by THOMAS., Betina Lou, Pedram Karimi, and Hip and Bone were chosen by a committee consisting of industry professionals to showcase their creations. Under the “Exhibit” concept, which was successfully introduced in February 2012, six emerging designers at the start of their careers will participate in Exhibit 23, an event during which they will display some of their creations, including those by atelier b., Tamé, La Raffinerie, LaLaYeah, DAVMANI and Dare by Gwen Madiba. MFW23 will also have the honour and privilege to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Marie Saint Pierre’s career in fashion, by hosting a presentation from the designer throughout the week.

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